OX3 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England

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OX3 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England map OX3 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England map

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1. Oxford Guest House Oxford Guest HouseOxford061.2£98.00
2. The Dial House Guest House The Dial House Guest HouseOxford481.3£90.00
3. Red Mullions Guest House Red Mullions Guest HouseOxford4121.3£120.00
4. Conifers Guest House Conifers Guest HouseOxford4111.9£75.00
5. Parklands ParklandsOxford4152.0£70.00
6. The Galaxie The GalaxieOxford4302.1£80.00
7. Cotswold Lodge Classic Hotel Cotswold Lodge Classic HotelOxford4492.1£65.00
8. Adams Guest House Adams Guest HouseOxford272.1£45.00
9. Lina Guest House Lina Guest HouseOxford372.1£60.00
10. St Margarets Hotel St Margarets HotelOxford0112.1£105.00
11. Old Parsonage Hotel Old Parsonage HotelOxford4352.3£209.00
12. Athena Guest House Athena Guest HouseOxford372.4£53.00
13. Dianas B&B Dianas B&BOxford042.4
14. Macdonald Randolph Hotel Macdonald Randolph HotelOxford51512.5£152.00
15. The Bocardo Hotel The Bocardo HotelOxford5112.5£95.00
16. Star Bed and Breakfast Star Bed and BreakfastOxford072.5£75.00
17. Victoria House Hotel Victoria House HotelOxford3142.5£80.00
18. Oxford Apartment Oxford ApartmentOxford032.6£180.00
19. Eurobar Cafe & Hotel - B&B Eurobar Cafe & Hotel - B&BOxford3132.6£60.00
20. The Terrace The TerraceOxford022.7£65.00
21. Oxford Backpackers Oxford BackpackersOxford0132.7£19.00
22. Central Backpackers Central BackpackersOxford0502.8£19.00
23. Head of the River Head of the RiverOxford0122.8£140.00
24. Royal Oxford Hotel Royal Oxford HotelOxford3262.8£122.00
25. Harris Guesthouse Harris GuesthouseOxford362.8£65.00
26. Balkan Lodge Oxford Balkan Lodge OxfordOxford2132.9£73.00
27. Becket Guest House Becket Guest HouseOxford2102.9£50.00
28. YHA Oxford YHA OxfordOxford4292.9£22.50
29. White House View Guest House White House View Guest HouseOxford392.9£45.00
30. Ethos Hotel Ethos HotelOxford4162.9£100.00

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Where is OX3 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England and whats nearest to it:
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Oxford University Oxford University (2.5 miles)
Oxford town centre Oxford (2.5 miles)
Oxford train station Oxford (2.9 miles)
OX4 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England OX4 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England (3.5 miles)
Islip Oxfordshire train station Islip Oxfordshire (3.5 miles)
OX33 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England OX33 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England (3.7 miles)
OX2 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England OX2 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England (3.9 miles)
OX1 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England OX1 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England (4.3 miles)
OX5 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England OX5 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England (5.0 miles)
OX44 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England OX44 Oxford, Oxfordshire, Southern England (6.3 miles)
Junction 9 M40 Motorway Junction 9 M40 Motorway (6.3 miles)
Radley train station Radley (6.6 miles)
Tackley train station Tackley (8.0 miles)