CT13 Canterbury, Kent, South East England

Postcode Location CT13 Sandwich

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CT13 Canterbury, Kent, South East England map CT13 Canterbury, Kent, South East England map

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1. Fleur De Lis Fleur De LisSandwich120.4£55.00
2. The New Inn The New InnSandwich50.4£55.00
3. Kings Arms Hotel Kings Arms HotelSandwich060.4£45.00
4. St Peters Bed and Breakfast St Peters Bed and BreakfastSandwich040.5£79.50
5. The Forge The ForgeSandwich010.6£81.86
6. White Rose Lodge White Rose LodgeSandwich530.7
7. The Stables The StablesEastry011.5£171.50
8. Great Weddington Great WeddingtonCanterbury052.0£100.00
9. Blazing Donkey Country Hotel Blazing Donkey Country HotelSandwich3222.2£90.00
10. Church View Church ViewAsh012.3£78.29
11. Molland Manor House Molland Manor HouseSandwich, Canterbury552.6£70.00
12. Staple House Staple HouseCanterbury3103.6£60.00
13. Regency RegencyRamsgate013.8
14. Hawthorne Cottage Hawthorne CottagePreston Canterbury013.9£235.67
15. Durlock Lodge Durlock LodgeMinster, Ramsgate, Kent34.0£67.00
16. The Corner House The Corner HouseRamsgate024.0£80.00
17. Driftwood Cottage Driftwood CottageDeal014.3
18. Marina Cottage Marina CottageDeal014.3
19. Guinea Cottage Guinea CottageDeal014.4£180.00
20. Driftwood Cottage Driftwood CottageDeal014.4£140.00
21. The Pegwell Bay Hotel The Pegwell Bay HotelRamsgate, Kent3424.6£60.00
22. Teacup Cottage Teacup CottageGoodnestone014.6£236.33
23. Royal Hotel Royal HotelDeal184.7£92.00
24. Premier Inn Ramsgate (Manston Airport) Premier Inn Ramsgate (Manston Airport)Ramsgate3714.7£74.00
25. Beachbrow Hotel Beachbrow HotelDeal144.7£40.00
26. Downs Cottage Downs CottageRamsgate014.8
27. Holiday Inn Express Ramsgate – Minster Holiday Inn Express Ramsgate – MinsterRamsgate, Ramsgate in Thanet31054.8£53.00
28. The Old Butchers Bed and Breakfast The Old Butchers Bed and BreakfastCanterbury425.0£60.00
29. Dog Inn At Wingham Dog Inn At WinghamWingham, Wingham, Nr Canterbury385.0£49.00
30. The Barn The BarnNonington015.0

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Location CT13

Where is CT13 Canterbury, Kent, South East England and whats nearest to it:
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Minster Kent train station Minster Kent (3.9 miles)
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Deal, Kent Deal, Kent (4.7 miles)
Deal Kent train station Deal Kent (4.7 miles)
Deal pier Deal pier (4.7 miles)
Ramsgate ferry port Ramsgate ferry port (5.2 miles)
Walmer Kent train station Walmer Kent (5.4 miles)
Thanet town centre Thanet (5.5 miles)
CT11 Canterbury, Kent, South East England CT11 Canterbury, Kent, South East England (5.6 miles)
Ramsgate, Kent Ramsgate, Kent (5.6 miles)
Ramsgate Kent train station Ramsgate Kent (5.7 miles)
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Snowdon Kent train station Snowdon Kent (6.1 miles)
Dumpton Park Kent train station Dumpton Park Kent (6.4 miles)
Birchington-on-Sea Kent train station Birchington-on-Sea Kent (7.1 miles)
Martin Mill Kent train station Martin Mill Kent (7.2 miles)
Shepherds Well Kent train station Shepherds Well Kent (7.3 miles)
CT8 Canterbury, Kent, South East England CT8 Canterbury, Kent, South East England (7.3 miles)
Broadstairs, Kent Broadstairs, Kent (7.4 miles)
Westgate-on-Sea Kent train station Westgate-on-Sea Kent (7.4 miles)
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