CB25 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England

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CB25 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England map CB25 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England map

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1. Black Horse Inn Black Horse InnSwaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge372.4£39.50
2. The Old School House Rooms The Old School House RoomsCambridge Cambridgeshire4102.4£110.00
3. Jasmine Lodge Jasmine LodgeWaterbeach Cambridgeshire322.9£90.00
4. Silverwood Lodge Silverwood LodgeLandbeach Cambridgeshire452.9£80.00
5. The Studio The StudioCambridge023.2£60.00
6. Meadow Farm B&B Meadow Farm B&BCambridge043.3£81.00
7. Meadow House Meadow HouseBurwell473.4
8. The Brambles B&B The Brambles B&BCambridge443.5£47.50
9. The Missing Sock The Missing SockCambridge033.5£65.00
10. The Brambles B&B The Brambles B&BCambridge Cambridgeshire453.6£84.00
11. Quy Mill Hotel & Spa, Cambridge Quy Mill Hotel & Spa, CambridgeCambridge Cambridgeshire4503.9£150.00
12. Jolly Brewers Jolly BrewersCambridge343.9£65.00
13. The Lazy Otter The Lazy OtterEly434.5£75.00
14. Number 1 B&B Number 1 B&BCambridge, Cambridgeshire4*34.6£85.00
15. Lovell Apartments Lovell ApartmentsCambridge045.0£128.00
16. Lovell Lodge Hotel Lovell Lodge HotelCambridge2355.1£70.00
17. Leverton House Leverton HouseCambridge455.1£65.00
18. The Wheatsheaf The WheatsheafNewmarket Cambridgeshire355.2£90.00
19. The Wheatsheaf Inn The Wheatsheaf InnNewmarket45.2£45.00
20. Alder Lodge Alder LodgeCambridge, Cambridgeshire3*G45.2
21. Oakley Lodge Oakley LodgeCambridge Cambridgeshire225.3£90.00
22. Rosery Country House Hotel Rosery Country House HotelNewmarket135.4£77.00
23. Autumn House Autumn HouseCambridge Cambridgeshire4105.4£90.00
24. CD Accommodation B&B CD Accommodation B&BCambridge335.4£75.00
25. The Red Lion Stretham The Red Lion StrethamEly, Norfolk3*G105.6
26. Trinitas Cambridge Trinitas CambridgeCambridge, Cambridgeshire3*G25.7
27. Lazy Otter Pub Restaurant Lazy Otter Pub RestaurantStretham Norfolk435.7£140.00
28. Meadowcroft Apartment Meadowcroft ApartmentCambridge4425.7£201.35
29. Travelodge Cambridge Orchard Park Travelodge Cambridge Orchard ParkCAMBRIDGE Cambridgeshire31385.8£59.00
30. Citystay - The Vie Citystay - The VieCambridge035.8£175.20

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Where is CB25 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England and whats nearest to it:
Waterbeach train station Waterbeach (2.3 miles)
East Cambridgeshire town centre East Cambridgeshire (4.7 miles)
CB5 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England CB5 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England (5.3 miles)
Cambridge train station Cambridge (6.9 miles)