CA18 Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England

Postcode Location CA18 Ravenglass

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CA18 Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England map CA18 Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England map

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1. Muncaster Country Guest House Muncaster Country Guest HouseRavenglass, Cumbria4*G70.4
2. Muncaster Castles Coachmans Quarters Muncaster Castles Coachmans QuartersRavenglass4100.4£80.00
3. The Pennington Hotel The Pennington HotelRavenglass3211.2£85.00
4. The Pennington The PenningtonRAVENGLASS Cumbria3201.3£110.00
5. The Old School The Old SchoolHolmrook, Cumbria4*22.4
6. The Old School and Bettys B&B The Old School and Bettys B&BHolmrook032.5£70.00
7. Irton Hall Irton HallHolmrook Cumbria4152.5£49.00
8. Lutwidge Arms Limited Lutwidge Arms LimitedCumbria3152.7£80.00
9. Forest How Guest House Forest How Guest HouseEskdale, Cumbria4*G72.9
10. Irt Valley View Irt Valley ViewHolmrook423.0£70.00
11. Bower House Inn Bower House InnEskdale, Holmrook2283.0£55.00
12. The Bridge Inn The Bridge InnHolmrook0163.3£154.00
13. Bower House Inn Bower House InnCumbria3203.3£90.00
14. Bridge Inn Bridge InnHolmrook Cumbria4153.3£49.00
15. Stanley House Stanley HouseEskdale Cumbria4124.7£90.00
16. The Kellbank The KellbankSEASCALE Cumbria3184.8£55.00
17. Westlakes Hotel and Restaurant Westlakes Hotel and RestaurantGosforth3104.8£65.00
18. Strands Hotel/Inn & Micro Brewery Strands Hotel/Inn & Micro BreweryCumbria0144.9£75.00
19. Westlakes Hotel Westlakes HotelSeascale Cumbria3104.9£95.00
20. 1692 Wasdale 1692 WasdaleGosforth Cumbria54.9£150.00
21. Low Wood Hall Hotel Low Wood Hall HotelSEASCALE Cumbria2134.9£95.00
22. Bailey Ground Hotel Bailey Ground HotelSEASCALE Cumbria3365.0£82.50
23. Low Wood Hall Hotel Low Wood Hall HotelCumbria2145.0£85.00
24. Bailey Ground Lodge Bailey Ground LodgeSeascale Cumbria4155.0£88.00
25. Calder House Hotel Calder House HotelSeascale, Cumbria3*235.2
26. Brook House Inn Brook House InnEskdale485.3£65.00
27. Bridge End Farm Cottages Bridge End Farm CottagesBoot, Eskdale475.3£187.50
28. YHA Wastwater YHA WastwaterSeascale3205.6£18.00
29. Woolpack Inn Woolpack InnEskdale286.1£50.00
30. YHA Eskdale YHA EskdaleCumbria3106.1£18.00

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