CA12 Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England

Postcode Location CA12 Keswick

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CA12 Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England map CA12 Carlisle, Cumbria, North West England map

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1. The Grange Country Guest House The Grange Country Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria5*G100.1
2. Woodside Guest House Woodside Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*G50.4
3. Craglands Guest House Craglands Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*70.4
4. Brookfield Bed & Breakfast in Keswick Brookfield Bed & Breakfast in KeswickKeswick, Cumbria4*G40.4
5. Swinside Farmhouse Swinside FarmhouseKeswick, Cumbria3*30.5
6. Cragside Guest House Cragside Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*G40.5
7. Hall Garth Guest House Hall Garth Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*30.5
8. The Silverdale The SilverdaleKeswick, Cumbria4*90.5
9. Tarn Hows Tarn HowsKeswick490.5£44.00
10. Squirrel Lodge Squirrel LodgeKeswick450.6£74.00
11. Hunters Way Hunters WayKeswick, Cumbria4*60.6
12. Babbling Brook Guest House Babbling Brook Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria3*50.6
13. Beckside Guest House Keswick Beckside Guest House KeswickKeswick440.6£72.00
14. Larrys Lodge Larrys LodgeKeswick, CumbriaNC50.6
15. Damson Lodge Damson LodgeKeswick430.6£49.00
16. 25 Church street 25 Church streetKeswick010.6
17. Lindisfarne House Lindisfarne HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*G70.6
18. Dolly Waggon Guest House Dolly Waggon Guest HouseKeswick350.6£80.00
19. Harvington House Harvington HouseKeswick460.6£36.00
20. Keswick Country House Hotel Keswick Country House HotelKeswick3740.6£121.00
21. The Keswick Country House (Choice hotels) The Keswick Country House (Choice hotels)Keswick, Cumbria3*740.6
22. Greystoke House Greystoke HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*G60.6
23. Elm Tree Lodge Elm Tree LodgeKeswick440.6£78.75
24. Dalkeith Guest House Dalkeith Guest HouseKeswick, Cumbria4*60.6
25. Goodwin House Goodwin HouseKeswick, CumbriaNC60.6
26. Strathmore Guest House Strathmore Guest HouseKeswick070.6£40.00
27. Chaucer Apartments Chaucer ApartmentsKeswick330.6
28. Ferndene Guest House Ferndene Guest HouseKeswick060.6£72.00
29. Dorchester House Dorchester HouseKeswick480.7£45.00
30. Sandon Guesthouse Sandon GuesthouseKeswick460.7£42.00

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