BA20 Bath, Avon, South West England

Postcode Location BA20 Yeovil

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BA20 Bath, Avon, South West England map BA20 Bath, Avon, South West England map

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1. Greystones Court Guest House Greystones Court Guest HouseYeovil490.3£44.00
2. Green Arches B&B Green Arches B&BYeovil430.3£65.00
3. Quicksilver Mail Quicksilver MailYeovil Somerset330.4£55.00
4. Manor Hotel Manor HotelYeovil, Central Somerset4410.5£30.00
5. Hendford Apartments Hendford ApartmentsYeovil Somerset10.5£80.00
6. Mermaid Hotel Mermaid HotelYeovil0140.6£30.00
7. Mermaid Hotel Mermaid HotelYeovil Somerset2140.6£60.00
8. Washford Inn Washford InnWashford Somerset380.6£59.00
9. The Globe and Crown (formerly Globetrotters) The Globe and Crown (formerly Globetrotters)Yeovil Dorset3340.6£96.00
10. The Preston The PrestonYeovil140.6£58.00
11. Preston Hotel Preston HotelYeovil2130.6£55.00
12. The Keep The KeepYeovil0100.6£75.00
13. Globe & Crown - RelaxInnz Globe & Crown - RelaxInnzYeovil0310.6£38.00
14. The Keep The KeepYeovil Somerset140.6£99.50
15. Legion LegionYeovil20.6£85.00
16. Northover Manor Hotel Northover Manor HotelYeovil Somerset3210.6£85.00
17. The Green Room The Green RoomYeovil50.6£54.50
18. The Green Room The Green RoomYeovil Somerset4140.6£80.00
19. The Pall Tavern The Pall TavernYeovil060.7£50.00
20. At Your Service B&B At Your Service B&BYeovil Somerset40.7£65.00
21. Streamside Apartment Streamside ApartmentYeovil Somerset10.8£80.00
22. The Terrace Lodge Hotel The Terrace Lodge HotelYeovil Somerset2300.9£70.00
23. Yeovil Court Hotel Yeovil Court HotelYeovil Somerset3301.1£65.00
24. Premier Inn Yeovil Airfield Premier Inn Yeovil AirfieldYeovil3201.2£66.00
25. The Yeovil Court Hotel The Yeovil Court HotelYeovil3301.2£60.00
26. The Mill House The Mill HouseYeovil Somerset41.3£42.00
27. Key Farm House Key Farm HouseYeovil Somerset361.4£60.00
28. Pen Mill Hotel Pen Mill HotelYeovil Somerset481.4£89.95
29. Fat Pigeon Fat PigeonYeovil Somerset3201.7£105.00
30. The Fat Pigeon The Fat PigeonYeovil3191.7£40.00

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Where is BA20 Bath, Avon, South West England and whats nearest to it:
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