BA14 Bath, Avon, South West England

Postcode Location BA14 Trowbridge

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BA14 Bath, Avon, South West England map BA14 Bath, Avon, South West England map

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1. Fieldways Hotel and Health Club Fieldways Hotel and Health ClubTrowbridge Wiltshire3130.5£80.00
2. Fieldways Hotel and Health Club Fieldways Hotel and Health ClubTrowbridge2100.5£50.00
3. Lion and Fiddle Lion and FiddleHilperton, Trowbridge050.6£48.00
4. The Polebarn The PolebarnTrowbridge nr Bradford on Avon Wiltshire3100.9£85.00
5. Premier Inn Trowbridge Premier Inn TrowbridgeTrowbridge3801.0£70.00
6. Watergardens WatergardensTrowbridge461.8£65.00
7. Ye Olde Dairy Ye Olde DairyTrowbridge042.0£65.00
8. Old Manor Hotel Old Manor HotelBradford On Avon3212.0£85.00
9. Longs Arms Cottage Longs Arms CottageSteeple Ashton012.3£164.33
10. The Somerset Arms The Somerset ArmsTrowbridge Wiltshire432.3£70.00
11. The Studio The StudioTrowbridge Wiltshire312.3£95.00
12. Widbrook Barns Widbrook BarnsBradford-on-Avon Wiltshire102.4£85.00
13. The Tollgate Inn The Tollgate InnHolt Wiltshire462.4£80.00
14. The Tollgate Inn The Tollgate InnWiltshire442.4£70.00
15. The Old Ham Tree The Old Ham TreeHolt, Wiltshire012.5£50.00
16. Widbrook Grange Widbrook GrangeBradford On Avon3202.5£80.00
17. Beeches Farmhouse and Cottages Beeches Farmhouse and CottagesBradford on Avon Wiltshire52.7£89.00
18. The Beeches Farmhouse Bed And Breakfast The Beeches Farmhouse Bed And BreakfastBradford On Avon432.7£110.00
19. The Lamb on the Strand The Lamb on the StrandTrowbridge423.0£69.00
20. Whaddon Grove House Whaddon Grove HouseMelksham, Wiltshire4*G43.0
21. East Wing Bed And Breakfast East Wing Bed And BreakfastBradford On Avon23.2£65.00
22. Granby House Bed & Breakfast Granby House Bed & BreakfastBradford on Avon073.4£100.00
23. Ashton Mill Cottage Ashton Mill CottageSteeple Ashton013.4£127.50
24. Teasle Cottage Teasle CottageBradford on Avon, Bradford-On-Avon3.4£150.00
25. The Swan The SwanBradford On Avon123.5£90.00
26. The Castle Inn The Castle InnBradford On Avon, Wiltshire4*43.5
27. Romsey Oak Farmhouse and Cottages Romsey Oak Farmhouse and CottagesBradford on Avon0133.5£50.00
28. The Castle Inn The Castle InnBradford on Avon443.5£80.00
29. Foxfield Glamping Foxfield GlampingBradford on Avon023.5£68.00
30. Redwood Lodge Redwood LodgeWestbury493.5£50.00

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Location BA14

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