AB45 Aberdeen, Scotland

Postcode Location AB45 Banff

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AB45 Aberdeen, Scotland map AB45 Aberdeen, Scotland map

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1. Fife Lodge Hotel Fife Lodge HotelBanff, Aberdeenshire3*82.1£95.00
2. The County Hotel The County HotelBanff, Aberdeenshire3*52.6
3. Carmelite House Hotel Carmelite House HotelBanff392.6£36.00
4. Banff Springs Hotel Banff Springs HotelBanff, Aberdeenshire4*362.7
5. The Commercial Hotel The Commercial HotelAberchirder045.6£35.00
6. Durn House Durn HouseAberdeenshire076.5£120.00
7. Station Hotel Station HotelPortsoy, Aberdeenshire3*G156.6
8. Station Hotel Portsoy Station Hotel PortsoyPortsoy3116.6£50.00
9. The Boyne Hotel The Boyne HotelPortsoy Aberdeenshire3106.7£75.00
10. Fife Arms Hotel Fife Arms HotelTurriff, Aberdeenshire3*96.9
11. Kathleen's Bed and Breakfast KathleenBanff Aberdeenshire338.1£70.00

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