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1. Zinn Apartments - The Royals Zinn Apartments - The RoyalsAberdeen071.0£130.00
2. Dreamhouse Great Northern Road Aberdeen Dreamhouse Great Northern Road AberdeenAberdeen031.2£99.00
3. Aberdeen Serviced Apartments - The Lodge Aberdeen Serviced Apartments - The LodgeAberdeen Aberdeen (District)51.5£65.00
4. Aberdeen Serviced Apartments - The Lodge Aberdeen Serviced Apartments - The LodgeAberdeen051.5£75.00
5. Zinn Apartments - Kittybrewster Zinn Apartments - KittybrewsterAberdeen451.7£130.00
6. Britannia Hotel Aberdeen Britannia Hotel AberdeenAberdeen31441.7£39.00
7. Parkhill Luxury Serviced Apartments - Hilton Campus Parkhill Luxury Serviced Apartments - Hilton CampusAberdeen0151.7£110.00
8. Britannia Hotel Aberdeen Britannia Hotel AberdeenAberdeen Aberdeen (District)32521.8£33.00
9. Aberdeen Northern Hotel Aberdeen Northern HotelAberdeen Aberdeen (District)3321.8£67.00
10. Dunbar Street Apartments Dunbar Street ApartmentsAberdeen Aberdeen (District)311.8£50.00
11. Town & Country Apartments - Aberdeen Airport Town & Country Apartments - Aberdeen AirportDyce, Aberdeen4141.8£160.00
12. Craighaar Hotel Craighaar HotelAberdeen Aberdeen (District)4531.9£89.00
13. The Craighaar Hotel The Craighaar HotelDyce, Aberdeen3551.9£49.00
14. Premier Inn Aberdeen North (Bridge of Don) Premier Inn Aberdeen North (Bridge of Don)Balmedie, Aberdeen3681.9£52.00
15. Brentwood Villa Bed and Breakfast Brentwood Villa Bed and BreakfastAberdeen Aberdeen (District)62.0£52.00
16. Aberdeen Marriott Hotel Aberdeen Marriott HotelDyce, Aberdeen41552.2£68.00
17. City Apartment - University City Apartment - UniversityAberdeen012.2£100.00
18. Zinn Apartments - Lamond Place Zinn Apartments - Lamond PlaceAberdeen432.2£90.00
19. Menzies Hotels Aberdeen Airport - Dyce Menzies Hotels Aberdeen Airport - DyceAberdeen42122.4£40.00
20. Hallmark Hotel Aberdeen Airport Hallmark Hotel Aberdeen AirportAberdeen Aberdeen (District)32122.4£49.00
21. Granite Lets Granite LetsAberdeen042.4£80.00
22. The Dunavon The DunavonAberdeen3222.4£95.00
23. Rosemount Palace Rosemount PalaceAberdeen Aberdeen (District)4162.5£45.00
24. Rosemount Palace Rosemount PalaceAberdeen0172.5£40.00
25. Martin & Co Apartments- Erroll Street Martin & Co Apartments- Erroll StreetAberdeen412.5£110.00
26. BEST WESTERN Summerhill Hotel and Suites BEST WESTERN Summerhill Hotel and SuitesAberdeen3452.6£35.10
27. BEST WESTERN Summerhill Hotel and Suites BEST WESTERN Summerhill Hotel and SuitesAberdeen Aberdeen (District)3452.6£44.10
28. Virtue City Apartments Virtue City ApartmentsAberdeen422.6£195.00
29. Magellan Apartments Magellan ApartmentsAberdeen, Aberdeen (District)4*A112.6
30. Apple Apartments Aberdeen Apple Apartments AberdeenAberdeen4152.6

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